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Its SUMMERTIME on EDEN PROJECT TV!!! new content online NOW!
Dydh da from the crew! Howlyek yw hi (it's Sunny) so The Eden Project is in its glory at the moment...their awe inspiring gardens, cutting edge iconic architecture and vibrant rainforest really makes this a top visitor attraction!

This week we give you an exclusive insight into the wonderful world of Eden and we head over to the stunning Isles of Scilly to see 'Wasson?!' there!.....

WASSON AT EDEN- Anna keeps you informed about what's happening at Eden Project in June.

WHATS EATING TIM SMIT?-See what Tim Smit thinks about our new hung parliament.

TURF CUTTING CEREMONY- Find out what happened when EPTV (Eden Project TV) went over to St Marys for the official turf cutting ceremony for the new school thats being built for the islands. See Anna Meneers interview with Headmaster, Bryce Wilby.

LINDA RUTENBERG- Meet Night-time photographer, Linda Rutenberg. During the months of April and May she was Eden's Artist in Residence where she photographed the gardens and Biomes by night, and by day she prepared her images for her fantastic exhibition 'Eden at Night' which is currently showing at Eden.

BUGLE GREENPEACE- Bugle Greenspace is an enthusiastic group of local residents, volunteering to make a difference in their community. Their group came together to encourage Bugle residents to form and express opinions on the development of local community spaces proposed as part of the Government Eco Towns initiative; and they've never looked back! Find out how this group of clay country residents are shaping the ecotown plans!

COFFEE IN THE BIOMES- We venture into the stunning Rainforest Biome where we meet Hettie. As well as the thousands of unique plantations and flowers there she picks us some coffee, yes thats right, coffee!

CHAT WITH A SCILLONIAN PILOT- See our fascinating interview with Scillonian Captain, Pete Crawford on board!

Don't forget to tune into our daily WASSON?!brought to you by me, Lena Martin. I'm out and about the lovely land of Kernow everyday to let you know what exciting activities you can get up to around Cornwall and also what new programmes to check out on

So, with 7 different channels to choose from....

BEST OF CORNWALL- Showing the best highlights from all our channels here, including Cornish events

ADRENALINE JUNKIE- Showcasing Surfer profiles, extreme sports and events around Cornwall

MYKERNOW- Emlyn Glanmor Harris explores our cornish history and culture

GASTRONOME- Perfect for all you foodie fans! As well as covering foodie events, we show cocktails of the month made by our cocktail connoisseur, Ricky from Fifteen Cornwall. Also, Fifteen Cornwall's Head Chef, Neil Haydock cooks us up a monthly recipe and we visit a cornish Restaurant every month in 'Patron to Patron'

EDEN PROJECT TV- What goes on behind the scenes at the infamous Eden Project? We show it all here!

K-MUSIC- Bringing you a variety of music from the best Musicians/Artists/DJ's from around the Duchy. Get the inside scoop from the featured artists, whether local and on tour. With coverage of events, gigs and festivals, and talking face to face with some of our music industry professionals, we hope to make K-Music a music hub for all tastes, and a showcase of Cornwalls diverse musical talent, past, present!

SALTBOX.TV- Showing you the UK Pro Surf Tour Contests live and online in the comfort of your own home! This channel is to be launched VERY soon!
....There are a wealth of things to watch, see and do at every day of the week so come on over!

And remember that we're always keen to hear from our viewers, so if there's something you think we should cover then please get in touch to
All the very best from


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